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Arvo ex Verditius

Page created 18th November - Winter 1224

Alvo ex Verditius, filius Juntar is a tall, slim man who appears to be in his mid-twenties. He has brown curly hair, a freckled, friendly face, a snub nose, long sweeping eyebrows, and light green eyes. He has very long arms, almost no body hair, and his hands are noticably calloused.

He's always friendly, if somewhat overenthusiatic and prone to thinking items are the only solution to all problems. He's both attrative and highly attracted to women, and tends to get caught up in romances beyond his control - often two or three at a time ("Of course I love her - and her - and her.") He has a passion for invention, new items, and the city, and generally views nature as something to be exploited for vis and effect bonuses ("What do you mean, the faeries might miss it? It's only a tree.") An inventive genius, he can put together a workable item from only a pawn of vis and various leftovers in a couple of hours, though it's unlikely to last the day ("Look at this! Isn't it neat?"). His own magic has a tendency to get out of hand, particularly because the rush of magic so thrills him ("Love, magic, what's the differences?") that he finds it hard to stop.

Born in Venice in 1196 to a merchant father, Alvo spent his childhood fiddling with the various items his father imported. His Gift manifested itself in the tendency for his items to stick together when common sense dictated they should fall apart ("Dad, look at this! Isn't it neat?") He has an elder sister, Lucia, of whom he's fond and visited while he was an apprentice - she's now married to a Greek wine merchant ("Fat, but pleasant enough, and he doesn't ask awkward questions.")

Juntar, his master, used his father to obtain various strange spell foci, and noticed Alvo's talent when he was twelve. Alvo's father believed him to be a noble, and was only too happy when he offered to adopt Alvo as his son. Alvo was initially unhappy at leaving his home, but took to Verditius apprenticeship extremely well, and was soon providing extremely valuable aid to Juntar.

Juntar was a Hermetic descendent of the 11th century magus Himinis the Mad ("Inspired, and a great sense of humour! What a guy!"), and had inherited something of his great-grandparens independent tendency. A noble in his own right, he was a member of no Covenant, and travelled between townhouses in the various Italian city-states. Alvo often had to be sent to another townhouse sometime before Juntar, due to his tendency to become embroiled in extremely passionate love affairs with the daughters of the rich. Juntar, fearful of losing his apprentice to marriage, used to forcibly send him away from a city when he realised Alvo was enraptured by yet another amor. Alvo would sulk and swear eternal love, but then get caught up in the possibilities of a new item or affair.

Generally, however, Juntar and Alvo had a relationship close to that of a real father and son, and Alvo was extremely distraught when Juntar was accidentally eaten by a Kraken ("I say accidentally, because I don't think it was aiming for him - he was just kind of in the way") during an experiment (without Alvo) in the creation of a diving bell off the coast of Norway. Juntar's possessions went to one of his nephews, and Alvo was forced to sell his various items to Verdi to pay off a quite immense Vis debt Juntar had built up over the years. Tired of Italian women, Alvo decided to go and see what the vast, vis-rich Tribunal of Novgorod had to offer ...

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