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Costia, was a hawk - unfortunately, a member of procter ignem toasted him.
He led the scouts.
Sildana is a bard; with an incredible talent for strumming upon peoples emotions as she plays upon a harp. She has, among other things - sung for dragons, played for a god, been into the twilight realms, and is currently entertaining the faeries. She worries me, sometimes...
Mila, swordsmistress, bandit, loud mouth - she lends no credibility to anyone. She carries a great sword, and is generally hard. Fortunately, she also has a limited sense of humour, so it's a pity that she's gone off somewhere
Prince Hedeon; beloved of Mila - hated of Sildana (he kinda sorta sold her to a dragon) inheritor of a kingdom, slayer of Dracovore - traitor; lieutenant of Dracovore - lies slain by Sildanas hand.
Dracovore - not officially a member of the covenant, but he's a recurring theme. Eater of dragons, cursed of the order of roke (Yep, thats Earthsea), dark terror of the north.
He seems to be slain every hundred years or so - most recently by a pagan goddess, St Kirrol, Hedeon, then Tenar.
Tenar - child of an earlier people, apprentice to Gwyntar. Smegging huge elder dragon, and the aforementioned goddess. Gwyntar was not pleased when he found out.

Nicolai is a young theif, who recently used us to escape from Kiev.

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