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Rest in Pieces-
Being a memorial to the dead, both allies and enemies.


Deunan ex Flambeau
A former player, with A whole page about deunan
A scary fighter even for the Lost Ones; slain in a heroic assault on Karaka.
Elderly Point-Grog who returned to serve the refounded Covenant and died peacefully of old age.
Charismatic but not exactly competent leader of the Lost Ones slain by Pfaultz ex Tremere with Perdo Corpus.
Bully, Narn, and scotophobic, slain in somebody else's body during the chase for the Body Thief. His body lives on, currently inhabited by the archer Bela.
Shy leader of the Scout Patrol killed by Bela (in Cheslav's body) with a sharpened piece of mistletoe, while Bela was possessed by some unknown spirit, as the final part of a strange ritual.
Vastly overconfident warrior who had recently acquired a talent for visions; killed during one final great attack on the entirety of the Mongol Horde.
Much liked skinchanger killed by a Flambeau after being mistaken for a Bjornaer spy.
{Georgy died? *downcast*}
Fat and jolly innkeeper who served the Covenant faithfully till his death of old age.
The greatest archer in the history of Russia, devout follower of St. Deimos, Grog Sergeant, and devoted husband of Natalia, he was killed by the Norse god of War, Tyr, in the pagan world of Rus - but not before putting an arrow through Tyr's eye.
Loyal wife of Tomas and Cavalry captain, capable of cowing undead monstrosities with a single yell. Slain by Tyr while defending her husband.
Small son of Varya killed by dire wolves under the control of Gavrash Leshy.
Anatol ex Miscellenea
Manic, argumentative, rash Magus known for his wide travels and aggressive temperament. Capable of going into Twilight twice in five minutes. A fool, but an amusing one. Presumed dead after disappearing East and not returning for fifteen years
Manic, argumentative, rash outlaw known for hating Vitenka and terrorising the local area in the guise of keeping away bandits. Left with Anatol and also presumed dead.
Not dead, as such, but not exactly human any more either.
Local dragon and friend of the Covenant, thanks to our loaning him Syldana. Killed and eaten by Dracovore.
Ceda ex Flambeau
Beloved friend of Deunan's tragically killed in the recent explosion of Malta. We weep.
Griffin of the Order of Roake
Ancient magus with weird demon-eating flying ship who occasionally traded with us, sadly on Malta when it blew.
Tenar - Mother of all Dragons
who posed as Gwyntar's apprentice for unknown reasons something to do with killing Dracovore. To the despair of all, consumed utterly by the explosion of Malta.


A cruel pre-Roman warrior who slew a Leshy and consequently assumed responsibility for protection of the forest, he became a powerful Faerie-like creature. His kidnapping and torture of the Lost Ones, for no apparent reason other than amusement, led to the assault on his castle in 1207. He appeared already badly injured, and the castle wrecked, from an unknown source (Order? Samahazai?). He was strangled and buried by Deunan according to a ritual depicted on his tapestries, and has quite possibly been reincarnated as Martyn.
Ritualistic, tyrannical faerie. Either a foe or game-partner of Karaka, he ruled lands to the south of the forest, and was dealt a crippling blow by an unknown Divine source - probably Samahazai. Marcus accidentally finished him off with a "Chirurgeon's Healing Touch".
Eternal enemy of Griffin, traitor to the Order of Roake, tyrant, and consumer of dragons. Supposedly slain by Hedeon - actually a plot - he returned and got his ass kicked by the Mother of all Dragons. We watched.
Heir to a minor kingdom, he hung around the covenant and went on adventures with us. Horrendously pragmatic and power-hungry, during one of these he sold Syldana to Talen, sparking an eternal emnity. During another he made a bargain with Dracovore to betray us all, and attempted to poison everyone at his inaugural banquet. Slain by Syldana with a sword through the heart, while they fought in the middle of a huge mass of ivy on his castle roof.
Pfaultz ex Tremere
Huge, bloated paedophile and general pervert, Deunan slew him in a Wizard's War after he killed Felix. He sent his mind back through time (in a non-Canon episode) and attempted to stop Deunan being born, but was killed in the 1st century by the other magi.

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