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Page updated - 21st April, Autumn 1230

Random Links

Ars Magica Music Computer


[Sluggy Freelance]Adams Comics

[Ozzy and Millie RIGHT NOW, or I'll set fire to your lawn

[Proud Member] Project RedCap: a site consisting entirely of Ars Magica links.

You can like, totally translate these pages into a different language!

  1. Like, wow!
  2. Or into ( porcine or canine ) latin!

Role Playing Links

Music Computer Other

[Proud Member] Project RedCap: a site consisting entirely of Ars Magica links.

[Liber Amicorum] : Another linking site.

R abenstein: apart from Redcap, the most impressive Ars Magica site out there.

[Library of Evermere] An index of spells for Ars Magica - many of our spells are listed therein.

Vespers, a PBEM saga with some useful information on Medieval Russia, particularly Novgorod.

Durenmar - A really big site.

A dictionary of Russian names, for those of us who don't know our Iadrais from our Ivans, this site contains over 25,000 period Russian names. Be impressed.

Various AM things - doesn't seem to be linked to by Redcap

A Latin dictionary for help in making up Magi's names

ClubSmed The verb, the noun. Don't ask.

CURS Cambridge University Roleplaying Society.

Amber Campaign

CURS newsgroup Sorry - probably not available outside of .cam.ac.uk domain.

The Heretical Magi of Malta! - These mages live in Deunan's little dream world - where a place called 'Malta' which no-one else has heard of still exists.

[Animus Silvae] : If you want to link to us; then this is the image (and code) to do it with.

Appareantly we have to link to these pepole; as they are returning the favour

Covenant write up - for other SGs to use

Music Links

Ars Magica Computer Other

Mp3.com - Free music

Winamp - Something to play that music on.

Shoutcast - something to broadcast music with.

This server uses mp3spy - Vitenka is running his own radio station!

Computer Links

Ars Magica Music Other

Virtual URL - so you can move your page freely....

Winfiles - shareware site

Planet Quake - A place for all things quake related.

My halflife tips

Iname - Free permanent email address.

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