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Dmitri says : Raiding isn't very nice

Created 12th June, Summer 1221

Some Polotskian tribesmen came to our inn, wailing for help against some raiding 'mongols'.
Dmitri, fearing the 'strom from the east' went, ostensibly to 'evaluate a possible threat to the order'.
Vitenka went, because it might be fun.

A wierd temple was found on the journey; several hundred miles away. We sensibly ignored it.
A werewolf found a similar temple near the covenant, and talked to some vordenoy about it.

Dmitri then had a meeting with a mongolian raiding party.
A plan was formulated, that we should talk to them, and if they turned out to be hostile then we would defend ourselves.

Dmitri ignored this plan, and started threatening them; ordering them to surrender or die.

They attacked, thinking to 'capture the Khan a great jester'. They died.

Dmitri was now a hero to the polotskians. Making a speech via Sildana and a translator, he promised to attack them, and that his familiar (a marmoset transformed to appear to be a woman) would scout.

The scouting party was gone for two weeks, when it found a great encampment.
Vitenka sneaked inside invisibly to see what he could find; and the rest waited invisibly back.
I got back to find only a mortally wounded Danislav, and was able to effect a temporary and partial recovery for him.
The others were apparently dead or captured.
I tried my best attempting to find them, and Danislav made one final glorious charge. I did what I could for him.

Dmitri meanwhile had bene making raids against mongol parties - and had re-killed a couple of leaders.

Then, apparently realising that he had sent Sildana to her death, he went to try and find her.

Nearly getting killed in a botched rescue attempt, Sildana rescued him, by taking him with her when she entered Arcadia. (Apparently as a fully paid up member. Ooops... I'm not supposed to know about that yet)

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