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Session 10th November - Autumn 1223

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A long time ago, in a paradigm far, far away
a group of self confessedly pathetic magi had now achieved
the freedom of the children. Led by Elly Skywalker, they were
beating a rapid retreat from Darth Leshee, who was running after
them with a very big stick and a pack of TIE-Direwolves.

Running all of the way back to the covenant, Skywalker,
and her companions, were wondering what should be done about Darth Leshee.
They decided to go and meet with Martyn and the Children. However, events meant
that instead, they ended up in a small battle between Martyn's band and Darth Leshee's force.

Some of the valiant young troopers tried felling the mighty
Darth Leshee using rope that they tied about his ankles. This failed. Others were
hurling stones and firing arrows at the oncoming horde. With cries of Bee-Cha-wahwah, the
young ones were beating the horde back despite a couple of losses. Darth Leshee was going toe-to-toe with
Martyn, who was greatly injured, with a broken leg. However, he won. The force is strong in him. He pulled out the heart
Of Darth Leshee, before collapsing in a messy heap. We took him back to the covenant.

Obi-Wan Scientus pointed out that this was maybe the only chance we'd have to kill Martyn.
We decided that we weren't going to. Zoya said that Martyn should be dead but was recovering at stupendous
speed. Within six hours, Martyn sat up, said a cursory thankyou, and left. Not, however, before the amazing interrogative
technique of Elly Skywalker meant that we learned Martyn was having problems with a woman or a girl, and Martyn issued a death threat on
Elly should he ever see her ever again. the light-hearted among us thought that it might be girlfriend trouble. But the more worried about us recalled
the vision of Elly Skywalker, where a woman had Martyn on a golden chain about his neck....

We then really wanted to run away.

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