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A Hunt for Survival.

A Tractartus on Faerie Lore. (Quality 6)

Written by Miriam ex Miscellanea in Hebrew.

Session held 1st March - Autumn 1229

The first day of Autumn dawned bright. But there was a quality to the forest that I could not quite place. Still, we didn't have long to find out. Mid morning a prosperous looking merchant arrived at the inn, and told us that his caravan had been attacked by a number of wolves, and demanded to be escorted to Chernigov.

He then preceded to annoy Elly ex Merinita in some manner while attempting to get drunk. After a discussion we agreed to comply with his demands - we didn't want him around longer than necessary, also we wanted to know what Survival was doing - this was apparently characteristic of him.

So, three of us; the merchant, who was bedecked with warts, an evil eye and rabbit ears thanks to Elly; and some of the Grogs set out towards Chernigov through the forest, where - after a short while, we were set upon by wolves from all sides; about 20 of them - these were accompanied by a mist associated with Survival.

They proved mildly difficult to dispose of, although they ran away after a third of them were dead, and we decided that - rather than risk there being 200 of them next time, and since we had injured to care for - we should return to the covenant.

Once there a discussion arose about the best way to solve the problem, but was interrupted by the mist arising from the forest and surrounding the covenant, leaving only the area within the aegis clear. At the boundary of the aegis was a ring of Survival's wolves. At this point Elly left the aegis to talk to Survival, with whom she had had much contact before, and later returned, in flight.

It transpired that Survival had claimed the forest, and that it was unlikely that, as we had previously assumed, the effects would diminish to effectively zero come Winter. This meant we had to take some action, as we didn't have enough supplies - and we didn't really want to move the covenant.

After long debate we decided to contact Hunter, with whom Survival was playing a game, and offer him our aid. This left only one problem - how to contact Hunter.

Julian ex Tytalus evidently decided that the statue, which was a gate at times into Arcadia, was the key to our plight, and performed some spell that caused the entire covenant to shake with the noise. This failed otherwise though, and was followed by a different attempt to pass through, which lead to Revan ex Criamon and Julian passing through to Arcadia; Julian animating the other side of the gate, which was also a statue.

As a result of their trip some time later an eagle was seen perched on the top of the aegis, and, as it was being attacked by vultures, minions of Survival, let into the aegis by Lyskandria ex Criamon.

This eagle gave terms from Hunter, from which we chose the one that seemed better for us, though at second glance should have been far worse. This deal gave us the support of Hunter's minions to kill, or trap, Survival in the mundane realm. If we failed we would have to give Hunter 80 pawns of Herbam vis.

A plan was conceived. Revan would, using a spell written by Vitenka ex Miscellanea,
*snigger* They used one of my spells? Really?
lure Survival to a village near the covenant where we awaited in ambush. Julian would then kill Survival using Teeth of the Earth Mother. Lyskandria and Arvo ex Verditus would accompany us, although we were really only there in case of things going wrong with the plan.

Which they obviously did - when we next saw Revan he was being chased by Survival in the form of a vulture. The illusion had evidently failed.
Possibly the illusion of an invisible fox was a less tempting target than a paritally obscued Revan
I prepared a spell to attempt to catch Revan should he have to drop his flight spell, while Julian attacked Survival with Crystal Darts.

After a brief, although hectic, airborne flight Revan succeeded in landing, severely injured, within the ward that had been placed, and was soon followed by Survival, who erased the boundary upon which it had been cast.

Julian seeing this cast a spell, vapourising Survival in a large flame, and

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