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Unsorted QuickDump?

Oh, and remove 'ram'

(Computer) Games

[View wizard, makes a couple of SHUMPs]
[Glest is an RTS]
[BattleTanks] Combat?
[Disney fairy game. Eeek!]
[Nex-you-is. Quake clone running on the, um, quake engine. And the 'nex' is the railgun. Pretty fun, decent (as in playable) bots - main problem is telling the weapons apart.]
[Big fat list of free MMOGs]
[Bunch] [more] [MMORPGs]
[Notrium - Robinson Crusoe in space]
[Intel game demos]
[rRootage, EveryExtend, WarningForever etc.]
[101 free games] (about 10 good ones)
[CRPG (demo) Eschalon]
[Couple of] [best of freeware] lists.
[300 game mechanics]
[Puppy buckets - blog that sometimes spots good freeware games]
[!http://intihuatani.usc.edu/cloud/flowing/ Flow.  By the maker of 'clouds', flow is a simple little game (though you probably need to read the instructions) which is very relaxing and still very fun.]
[Curator defence. It's a 'place your towers and divert the badguys' game. With famous paintings.]
[365 free games]
[Many platform games]
[It's not actually a very good game, but something of a blast from the past. Isn't it, Star-Fighter?]
[Yet more freeware game lists]
Sudoku.  [For] and [Against].
[Desolate room (CRPG?)]
[Settlers of (spit) Catan] (Linux only)
[Another old CRPG maker] (Official Hamster Republic!)
[Big bunch of BASIC games.]
[WarBears. Teddy SWAT Team. Nuff said.] (Consists of about six mini games and a PointAndClick? puzzle)

[Back] [to] [lists] [(blogs)] [of] [freeware]
[URU (myst online)]
[Lion rampant] [makes small fun things.]
A [bunch] [of] [indie] [games], reviewed.  A regular feature on that site, and worth reading to see what's worth snagging.
[Guardian legend reviewed. And explained. At last I know how to exit the first screen!]


[Wushu] (Very light waire-fu game)
[Hoard] (Dragons.  Dragons dragons and treasure.)
[Starcluster actual play] (With Hyena-Dean)

[Game-fu challenge 1] (SeeAlso: /PrettyPrincessDeathDowry )
[Game-fu challenge 2] (SeeAlso: /TheZodiacStone, or preferably don't because it's rubbish.)
[Ten skill challenge] (Which, although minimal, I quite like and want to turn into a full game - something like PeurtoRico? 'what scenes get played' plus the dead simple 'what you can do' should emulate things like "The Bill" and "Midsommer murders" nicely.)
[Random ideas to steal]
[Ars Technica (AM for deckers)]
[Guns in (mostly computer) RPGs]
[Fallout. The RPG.]
[My little D20. I'd buy it. Heck, I'd probably run it. ... Don't make me write a one-off. You wouldn't like me whilst I'm writing one-offs.]


[Wild Kitty etc.]
[7th Guest] (Seeing MisterDeath...)
[Grim fandango soundtrack]
[List of free music downl$oad sites]
[Podsafe music network]
[Audiri, independant music network]
[Song requests]


[Toilet for radioactive flying children]
[The first 48 - TV show, don't remmeber why I bookmarked it, haven't seen it.]
[Ursula vernon (digger) art]
[Sonic SATAM]
[Hitler kittens!]
[Russian kitties. Metasyntastic!]
[Skeletal animation?]
["Wash me" has never looked so pretty.]
[Disemfraggle your har-de-drive. (Old joke)]
[You probably don't want to work here (thanks MoonShadow)]
[Broken Saints. One day I'll actually watch more than the first episode of this. It's kinda "American Gods"-like, though darker.]
[Refreshingly honest.]
[The Internet's standard disclaimer, coming soon to a sticker on top of your PC.]
[Cat and rabbit flash 3]
[Shii's song (sad white kitten singing in a box)]
[Calm down.]


[Aiming at people's pride is much more reliable than just paying them to do the work for you. News at ten.]
[Sample problems] (Maths ones)
[World maps, with things stretchified.]
[And the same, but local. And with more busses.]


[Olaf Stapledon] (Recommended to me)
[Clockwork Atom Bomb] (Who knows?)
[Powerword: Spite. If you like your scifi older and with hidden russian motive...]
[Audio] [novels].  Fairly decent.  (Union dues is good)
[Lots] [more] [audio] [books]. [LOTS.]

Researchy Stuff to look into and learn

[1920s Shanghai]
[Pretty advice about whether to burn or pillage first - the ancient code of advice of the viking. Handy.]
[Cultural Anthropology Tutorials]


[Collective nouns]
[A list of all the user agents (web spiders) sighted, and where they (should) come from. User-agent spoofing (one spider claiming to be another) has been sighted in the wild - which make sense. Some sites serve up different (easier to index, usually) content to known search-engines.]
[Ascii character chart]
[Have a fount of wisdom.] [Font editor with a stupid name.] [and a tutorial]
[make cave;]


[Javascript tips]
[Generic DSP advice.]
[Doxygen instructions]
[Guru-of-the-week. Old, Mainly about C++ templates - but still good reminders.]
[Constant-time], [Time domain based], [pitch correction algorithm].  (The conclusion was that zero-crossing based frequency detection, with flywheel, works well - but you really need to go frequency based for voice.) (Actually the really best conclusion was that the audactiy plugin is great, but has subtleties - what you think is INT_MAX isn't but is carefully chosen)
[Image formats. Tiff.]
Discrete Cosine transforms (DCT) - specifically type4.  A variant of the FFT, DCT4 has the useful property that it is its own inverse.  And doesn't involve any complex numbers.
[(this is a good one)]
[http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/550272.html (Finally used this one)]
Fast fourier transforms.  Not a lot of info on how to make them fast - though the two main hints are that multiply-add is CHEAP nowadays (so localising the data is more important) and to use FFTW (which we can't).
[Peak detection. (Basically - find the derivatives, then find the zero crossings)]
[Bug reporting - "It's brokey" is descriptive, an emotional release - and unhelpful.]


[Lackadaisy (gangster kittens)]
[Tank Chair. Big guns, kangaroos and lots of... upholstery. What more could you want in a comic?]
[Vexarr LIVES! (Sinistar anyone? No? Oh well...)]
[Ozy and Millie. Sadly belabours the joke a bit.]
[Lions of something or other. Kitty cats. Many kitty cats.]
[Cute! Fuzzy things!]
[Spare Parts. Appears to be a humanised, college-based version of Minerva's Theatre.]
[The DaDa detective. Cure. Silly. Mimes.]

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