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Since this is me - mostly ideas for One-off RPG games.

Gods of toon - Toon and Nobilis are just begging for a crossover.

I have heard shadowrun4 described as 'pokemon running around with submachine guns' and, well, it now shall be.  I'm thinking you spread Gyms out through the arcology and the net and get contracted to take out the trainers.

I thingied "critics" into "cultsist".  Evil critics of cthulhu must now be done.

Elric of Melbourne.  (It speaks for itself, really)

[Steal a cargo ship. Full of tanks.]
So you keep the tanks.  And then you're pirates with tanks.  I know there's [practical ways to do this, but on the open sea is a much better image.

Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Horus...  (Dads Imperial legion)
I don't know.  With the right players and the right attitude, I think this could make a decent oneshot.  Maybe I'm weird (well, you know . . .). --SoylentWhite
It sounds funny, but I don't think I have enough WH40k experience to throw in enough jokes to make it work.  Without that it's just "Dad's Army of the future" which could, itself, be a fun game.  --Vitenka

Uplink (Trust is a weakness) meets Paranioa.  Though that may actually be a good idea.

GridlockIsFun?: Some kind of road construction game where injecting streams of traffic into other players areas to gum up the works is as valid a tatcic as the professes aim of getting your cars to their destinations.

griffin.poly.msm.cam.ac.uk thinks BBC officials should be named in the same way as at the Admiralty. "First Television Lord" etc.

Take one garden pond, that requires stone(like) decorations (fountains).  Give it a large fluffy (spiky since stone) dog.  English shepherd would be perfect.  Make it a voice activated robot.  'Play dead' is the command to turn it off.  In my minds eye I have a largish stone fountain leaping up to catch a stick.

From RPGnet again: The house of flying monkeys.  Wuxia in the land of Oz.  There is too much rockingness for your stockings.
Wonderful! Don't know how good an RPG that'd make, but it's begging for a fanfic.. - MoonShadow
The empress Ozma, the great jade city, the ruby sandals, the evil witch - and of course it's all set in a far away land to the east....  I'd pull up the thread, but it's reg required and search function is broken anyway.  --Vitenka
[All hail the archive!] --Vitenka

Inspired by the current (aint WikiNow great?) gaza pullout - there's a large drive to leave the temples intact.  But they've already decided to ScorchedEarth? everything else.  So assuming that those moving (back) in aren't tactless (and sensible, local building materials and all that) you could have the image I was building up to: A land with many preserved temples to a separate religion that no-one ever uses.

Transhumanist detective agency.  Mind crimes.  IP protection when people are writing you into their memories.  The singularity happened, but humanity was left behind.  Periodically bunches of people uplift, but for the most parts the gods stay away (as per 'fire upon the deep') So earth is left much like THS.

Mummy returns:
  1. Get put down like a mad dog by the kingdoms saviours  (intro fight)
  2. Awaken in the coffin.
  3. Room of burial goods - but this time enforce limits to how much can be carried and warn of theft
    1. Continual pull towards the stolen diadem
  4. Big rolling ball!
  5. Attack them in the hotel room
  6. Chase them across the sea
  7. Terrify generations to death
... no.  Doesn't gel somehow.  Need an ending to build up to.
Note - in practice, this has worked just great without any ending to build up.  Just stop once it's no longer fun.  It's short and silly and good.  --Vitenka

{Insult a parked car taking pictures, when it drives off, tires are nailed} {Video marked 'play me'} {A single detail after a meeting} {Slow, total perception, crowd scene} {The alpha conspiracy} {Maybe it's a giant chess piece} {Pick me up} {Little girl with a red balloon} {It wasn't a golem, was it?} {Box of dynamite beneath a park bench, found by a tramp one morning} {It's cocaine, that's what it's made of} {Why fired?} {An opportunity for the beurocrats to talk} {Traffic lights fail} {Telephones stop working.  Again} {Someone who isn't the police handing out parking fines} {News travels slowly in this town} {A fake state of the art bomb removal machine} {You go back to bed, we'll go save the world} {Given the choice, he chooses to keep it - no sermons} {Lions} {An uncomfortable silence} {Kill them all} {Tai Chi} {Blow up the airport} {Hello doctor, are any of your patients the psawn of satan?} {Twilight zone of taste} {Two cars, stopping in the road} {A tape of dying animals} {Mark + Frank} {Lightning god} {Bomb at the mobile phone tower} {Jade Puma} {A parade of learner motorcycles at 2am} {A JCB in a back garden} {A zebra crossing leading to a sheer wall} {A tape - which does not fit their machine} {Ilfracombe} {Proper british camping weather} {A stuffed dinner jacket suspended from helium balloons} {Dusk} {Assassination politics}

Is this actually an attempt to trigger one of the listens-for-keywords type BigBrother devices or does it just look like it? --K (who wishes he remembered the name for that kind of device)
What, like [This guy]?  No.  It's just a set of notes (mostly garnered from RealLife, some from TV, some my fertile mind) that seem usable for gaming.  --Vitenka

An edutainer on a cruise ship.  (Make the parents feel less guilty)  (Worryingly, this appears to WikiNow exist as a real job.)

The EPA? air force.

Use something that's half a QOS guarantee RTOS scheduling algorithm and half a font kerning algorithm and sync up NPC actions and animations to the music.

Similar to MapleStory - a massively multipayer online SHUMP?.  Take mecahnics similar to those in 'burnout' or 'juiced' that you earn NPC respect by buying bling for your craft, make most powerups temporary - but with permanent ones as a sort of level progression.  --Vitenka

Progressive unpause.  Don't know if anything does this - but it ought to be standard on most games that require fine control, if you ask me.  (Inspired by a racing game my Cousin is playing.)  When you unpause, it suddenly throws you back into the action - and sees new positions of the controller etc. and your avatar spazzes out at you.  It ought to slowly move from zero to full speed, similar to the much misused BulletTime? many games now sport.  --Vitenka
Note - probably bad for rhythm games.  Some kind of forgiving 'lead in' period instead.  --Vitenka

Numbers station, killings of deep agents all over the world, no-one claims responsibility.  Mormon geneological bunker.  (Rip from ToothyChat and RPG.net)

[Nintendark].  An awesomely bad idea.  Giant flame-spitting dinosaurs.  Bullets that not only have your name on, but also have evil grins and chase you.  Ghosts staling you as your back is turned.

Petit Vanquér.  Cohen.
I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this.  Oh well.  --Vitenka (Barbarian.... Librarian...)
Chibi Napoleon, perhaps?  --Vitenka

MMO : Katamari.  As your katamari grows, you discover that you are in fact exploring the outside of a larger katamari being controlled by another player, and so on.

Big Bus Breaks Bloody Big Barrier!  (Red london bus, light-barrier.  No mechanics yet, but it should involve a grumpy conductor.  And trying to not be late for something.)
Mechanic idea - as the bus goes faster, it gets longer and more massive.  Represent this by adding more rows of seats, and really fat passengers.  --Vitenka
Play cards to choose what you do, or throw them as obstacles for the current driver to avoid.  Bus gets inexorably faster, leading to a nim-like play as you try to wrest away control of the wheel before the light barrier is hit.  --Vitenka
See /BigBusBreaksBloodyBigBarrier  --Vitenka

/PrettyPrincessDeathDowry was an awesome idea.

The pieces move almost mechanically, with a few decisions - and react when they can 'see' the other pieces.  So the princess moves slowly across the board, examining the roses - picking up the kittens, guarded by the knights.  If she sees the dragon she faints, or maybe runs away.  The dragon wants to catch the princess, but is easily distracted by kittens.  The knights, of course, flee from the dragon - but may be used to strategically place kittens.  I can't get this to gel, but the basic idea is cute and Bormor inspired.  --Vitenka

Oh gods, I just conceived of pocket-monsters in warhammer. That would be... really funny, actually. Ratcatchers and dirt-eating peasants fighting with fanged monstrosities that hope to subsume the world in chaos.
Surprisingly apt:
"Rat Ogre, I choose you!"
"Chaos Spawn, use your Tentacle Swipe attack!"
"Use your Bloodthirster against his Lord of Change. Magic pokemon are weak against Rage pokemon!"
"Oh no, its Jesse and James of Team Slaanesh!"
Oh, gods, don't even go there, because it sounds too awesome to not do. But I'd say use Pokéthulu as the basis for that game, personally.
(SeeAlso hitherbyDragons)

Continuously adjusting clocks, synchronised at dawn instead of noon, so that there's always 12 'hours' of daylight. (Alternate historical)

Alien life form, pretty butterflies, who say "Oooh!  Pretty!  Shiny!" To everything.  Purely for "Oooh, what a pretty concussion!  Purpley!"  (From "Xeno's Arrow")

War (allegedly this happenned during Bosnia) - rich people pay good money to be flown out and snipe at the populous.  After all, they'll blame the other side, not some rich dentist.
oh ye gods.  Combine this with the numbers station

Three little pigs: Mechanized assault.
Unrelated silly, but goes here nicely: A steampunk spacesuit, with a hatch in the back through which you shovel the coal.

Continuity technicians - the game of making the film work even though the players just killed the main bad guy four scenes early.

Tea.  By law, the English are required to drink it.

A gun that shoots down concepts.  *bang*, no more concept.  (Thanks sluggy.)

no-reverse.redstone-isp.net: [10:13] I met a policewoman from London at a party last year, and she said that she (or a colleague, I can't remember) had attended the aftermath of a shootout where the ground was covered in casings but no bodies. Turned out that neither gang could get hold of bullets, but honour demanded they fight, so they turned up and blazed away at each other with blanks, then went home again.

A kingdom run entirely by a volunteer bureaucracy.  Not quite an anarchy.

AltHistory?: The meridian line is positioned carefully, with a deliberate bump in the middle so that it avoids France.

A game system was requested, that needed to cover: "the bit between the bullet leaving the gun and where it hits them and how much damage it causes"

I present, the entirely playable:

The moment after the mexican standoff

The person the shot is aimed at gets narrative control. They describe their characters last action, which can be a few short words, a desperate attempt to avoid the shot or similar.
Then they die. Describe that too.
Optional rule: They can fire a shot at someone else as they die.

A setting in which magic is easy - but the consequences are not always obvious - skilled magicians are those who take the time to find out all the side effects.

Agri-Grow-la.  I'll take... that heart shaped thing.  Damn!  My dinosaur wasn't triggered this round.
I take it you've already seen [Agri-Cola]? --AC
Nope, also my (fixed)typo failed me.  I'm semi serious, the two things share many parts in common.  --Vitenka

Cleudo and Allies.  'Zhukov in Paris, 194x'

Cat + 3:16.

This.... this was a bad thought. But it would work so well.
Boggins fall left and right to my slashing claws, whilst old-tom works tail-magic to decimate their ranks. We will not fall here, No cat left behind!
I don't know whether to love you or hate you.
Love me. I'm cute. I've got a great coat and a fluffy tail. Ignore the claws. Ignore the charred boggins and their poisoned worlds. Ignore the seething hatred for humanity which dwells within my heart. Hear me purr a sweet song of death and fire.

A SpaceOpera? with a main character named Captin Mainwaring.  I'm almost sure they didn't do it on purpose.  And nobody has not-paniced yet...

Really feels like there's some story idea in here:
Vitenka: [18:06] But they can sell higher premiums by promising harsher punishments.
Rachael: [18:05] Insurance companies probably don't mind bike thieves; they encourage people to buy insurance
Vitenka: [18:05] hmmm, I think that back in byzantine empire times there were houses that made their living paying ransoms, so I guess there's some precedent.
Vitenka: [18:04] I just had a horrible realisation - 'natural justice' would leave his punishment up to the insurance companies. Anyone here ACTUALLY that cruel?

Violence. R
1: Violence is Red.  Zombies are Blue.

A roguelike where random powers are assigned at download, so each player has a different game experience.

A fully operational battle-strawberry.  (Harvest moon, literally.)

Black on black, space shooter.  Flash, comedy.  Customise your ship: "Pitch black!" "JET Black!" "Black as night.."
(Got the menu done, need to work on the sfx next)

Everybody Loves Rayguns -- slapstick comedy set in a Sk'lan weapons testing facility
Elmo on steroids

Testicular pugilist.

"Everything I know abot police procedurals I learned from my cat"

Snakes and ladders, where each player has a stock of such to add to the board during play.

Time travelling thieves attempt to stop WW2.  The obvious suggestions are made: "Well, we could steal hitler.  Or his brain.  Or some secret plans?" and then the genius.  "We steal Poland."  Gonzo time-travel.  It must be done.

Those poor Americans with their grass skirts and pet tigers
With cowboys.  And 30s gangsters?  Not sure.  Maybe just a really REALLY odd hula+tiger revolt.

A combination cement-mixer and barbecue.  (Saw someone doing something with the engine enclosure open, from one side, and it looked most strikingly like this.)

A genetically enhanced super soldier.
Designed by committee.

Vitenka: [11:40] hat sounds like a good life lesson in general.
Vitenka: [11:40] Typo of joy!
AlexChurchill: [12:00] Today's theme in #elliott appears to be unintentional sartorial advice :)
Vitenka: [12:07] there's a game in that; use those flip-books with the multiple panes? Probably with a sub game of laughing at the hilarious results and rating them apples style...

Karaoke/game - "Follow the bouncing blue ball. But not the red star; that will lead you into falseness. And beware the green words, they reverse the direction..."

Death's day off.  Death doesn't work in linear time - but still; it's a lot of work.  And death wants a day off.  So death needs to set up events to prevent anyone from dying tomorrow.  Go out and make deals.  Convince the generals to hold of fthe war.  Convince mortals to make deals with death, to stave off the inevitable just a little bit longer.  Plan and scheme!  Or thrash and panic; whichever.

We have the tech for this now; though I'm not sure what it would be for.  Song recordings where every download (and notably the ones sent to radio stations for play) are subtly different.  Get back to the days before recording where each song is a performance.

SeeAlso: /IdeasFile

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