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Well, this needed a huge rewrite.  It was just too much and too fiddly.  Paring it back down again:

There are four colours:  Three distinct; and blue is wild, in both directions.

Game ends if, at the start of your turn, your territory has no liberties (unclaimed hexes).

Score is points for buildings (3-size is 3 points, etc.  Some buildings have stars increasing points.  Proper physrep will give all buildings an explicit points value)
Plus, per-colour, 3 points for clear-pluraity of # buildings in a colour.  (So more red buildings than any other player, ignoring size, is 3 points etc.)
Available buildings start shuffled.  Encouraging more opportunistic sniping.

Removed 'play 2 as wild' and 'end game early if no card' rules; replaced by discard+draw back up.  Early ending the game wasn't fun; despite mitigations of everyone else getting a final turn - it just made things too analys-ey.

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