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A BoardGame. Or an idea for one.

There's a central board, upon which building tiles can be placed; cetain ones fitting only in subsets of spots. There are a number of roles (scientist, farmer etc.) and each round each player is one of them - there's an optimal round for each one; and some good but less optimal rounds. Each turn, you use your available catpower, science and resources to build things (overbuilding sometimes, building new spots sometimes) in order to increase how much of (one of those things) there will be next turn. Each full round you'll only be able to grow 2/3 of the available things, so some resource type will sometimes skip a turn - which sucketh for whoever had that role.

You aim to be the right role on the turn most of those buildings are built, to win individually; and co-operatively have some harsh survival conditions turn up.

Primary aim, of course, is to giggle as the hunters fire bendy lasers while you build dyson-galaxies to house your ever growing cat population.

Yoink the mechanic from traders - you have two possible actions:
  1. Pick out one of the available upgrades, and reserve it to yourself - for free.
  2. Spend the resources to buy all remaining unreserved upgrades - iff you can afford all of them in one go.

When someone picks the second option, everyone puts the stuff they bought/reserved onto the board, changing the village

Then everyone selects their role again - I think this should be some kind of auction maybe?  The method I have in mind is everyone sets aside money for the role they currently have as the bid price - they then either have to pay that price; or pay (from their not-set aside money) someone elses price to that player, to get that role.

Maybe multiple roles per player?  I'd like the mechanical bit to be less frequent.

As well being particularly good score for certain types of things, the roles also say which board slots you gain your resources from.  (Or maybe that is how they end up scoring well for certain types of building?)

You absolutely need to be able to craft eludium into space modulators.  Effect includes reducing storage; with flavour text "But that's where I keep all my stuff"

First cut of the rules.  Aiming to be "Advanced Civ in under an hour" but ending up kinda "Isle of Skye" for reasons best known to itself.

You have resource cards; which are always used in sets.  (e.g. '3x milk' or '2x string' - never '1x catnip + 1x milk')

You have a small tableau in front of you; with up to 4 slots; each of which could have multiple advances (city, tech, wonder, etc.) in (but no more than one of each type).  There will also be a pile of resources by it.  These resources are both used to power your stuff and to make it costlier for other people to buy stuff from you.

The game has 4 epochs, then a final scoring shared epoch.  At the start of each epoch you gain some resources; then each turn during an epoch you either buy a thing, or activate a thing you already posess.  (And I might make that racing-demon simlutaneous instead; but there are some race conditions right now).


At the start of the epoch - optionally bank one advance from your tableau.  Reclaim any kitties that were on it.  This is a major source of VP.

Draw two new advances from the epoch deck; and add them to your tableau any legal way (no more than one card of each type in a slot).

Then draw your resource cards - staying within the epoch, one per kitty not in use elsewhere; modulo epoch.  That is, if you had 5 kitties remaining, and it was epoch 1 you'd get: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2.

Then choose a resource type for each of your slots, and put 0 or more cards of that value there.

Take actions in turn:

At the end of the turn, resolve disasters.  Any resource piles empty at end of turn will do a bad thing to everyone.

Finally; after the fourth epoch - all your unemployed resource kitties go to the joint-village you were building by banking cards; and fly off into space with it.  You operate it like it was a thing you each controlled - gaining as much stuff for it as you can/want.  These points, plus the building values (and most buildings are worth more in space than on the ground) are added up, and shared out by amount you contributed to building it.  (And using other abilities can affect this division).

There are 8 resources, unlocking in successive ages.  Each has a value, and a limited number of cards associated with it. 
Epoch 1; catnip (value 1, 12 cards), string (value 2, 10 cards), and milk (value 3, 10 cards).
Epoch 2; worship (value 4, 7 cards), gold (value 5, 7 cards).
Eposh 3; cardboard (value 6, 5 cards), static (value 7, 5 cards)
Epoch 4; Unobtanium (value 8, 1 card and many virtual cards)

Cards can only be used in stacks of a single type; and are valued in sets much more highly than as singles.  Each card beyond the first adds 1 to the base value.  Giving the value of a stack of size n, that is of printed value x; the total value, v, is ( x + n - 1 ) * n.  But this should be presented in a reminder card and text on the cards.  (And I think value 8 wants to break it; jumping 8/64/64/64...)

The only use of this value is to compare against another stack, anyway.  Colours on the table should be good enough to judge.


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