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Each player has a stock of tokens.
The board has a number of spaces.

Simultaneously (as in - in real time); each player plays their actions.
These are either: Placing a token on a space, or removing a token from a space.  (Only touch one token at a time, complete an action before starting a new one)
Placing usually has requirements and costs.
Removing usually has a benefit (gaining resource and or points).

If two people want to grab the same place; higher value token wins; lower scoring player breaks ties.  Yes; it's intentional that it will take longer to resolve a conflict than just giving up and doing something else then coming back.

I'm envisaging something like -
Spot 1: No requirement, on remove put bonus on spot3.  Can only remove if you don't own spot2.
Spot 2: Own spot 1, or pay 1 pink thingy (gained from a completely different part of the board).  Can only remove if spot3 not occupied.
Spot 3: Own spot 2, on remove gain all the bonuses on spot3.

So one player can intefere with another; by snagging spot2; but then someone else can just hold spot1 to stop them powering it up and getting much advantage.

Total actions in a round is limited, somehow - probably some resource is a net negative and you'll run out.

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