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I'm looking for a MIPS debugger which closely fits the following requirements.  This page is largely so that I can keep my thoughts about it in one place - but if anyone has any suggestions, they would be most welcome.

Price is an object, but this isn't a home project.  A couple of thousand euros for five or six units would be ok.  So long as we're sure it's good.


Do MIPS do any sort of development hardware or in-circuit emulation you could use? Those two requirements would seem to me to be quite hard to find in a software-only debugger; not that I've much experience. Bear in mind also that you will get different memory layouts (and hence may get different memory allocation patterns and hence execution paths) on builds with and without symbols. - MoonShadow
Yes, sorry - should have been clear.  This would of neccesity be some kind of box that attaches to our debug boards.  We're quite used to that.  Memory allocation shouldn't change (not that we do any dynamic allocation anyway) since all of the map files are available.  (ie. the PC would be doing the translation to symbols, not the mips)  I'm not too concerned with small changes in performance - we need a bit of spare overhead anyway.  But if it takes more than, say, 1% of CPU time, then we're in trouble - even worse if using the debugger impacts memory bandwidth.  --Vitenka

Features (in order of priority)

Trigger when variable attains a given value

Heavily desired but infeasible (in order of priority)

Whenever I see this page, I wonder what a debugged Vitenka would be like.  My mind works oddly.  Sorry. --Jumlian
Pretty badly defraggled, I should think.  --Vitenka
BwaHaHaHa.  At least I'm not the only one.  --AlexChurchill
I've just realised that there's a FleaCollar? joke to be had out of this.  There, it's over.  --Vitenka

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