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Not dat card game, or de other card game.

Aim of the game is to score points by making sets; most points wins.

There is a pool of cards, which is shuffled and redrawn from each turn.  (It might be a bag of tokens later; for now it's cards.)

Game is played with one suit per player; unused suits take no part in the game.

Each player has a stack of scored cards (public) with the top card indicating their current suit.
Starts with the ace of one suit.
Players also have a hand, and a stash.  They may examine their stash, but no one elses.

The cards are then shuffled and dealt out - first 7 to each hand, then remainder to stashes.
Players then contribute secretly cards from their stashes to the pool, bringing it up to 8 (or 9 in a 3 player game)

Gameplay is then, each player in turn:
  1. Plays 1 or more cards from their hand, all in the same suit.
  2. Scores triangular for number of cards they played.  (1,3,6,10,15,21,28)
  3. Scores an additional 3 points if it's the same suit as the top of their score.  (Not certain this is the way I want to go with this - might be better as an additional 'ok, score your scorepile like it was your hand' at end of game?)
  4. One of the played cards goes to the top of the score
  5. The rest go to the pool
  6. If their stash isn't yet empty; contribute one card of their choice, from it, secretly, to the pool
  7. Shuffle pool and redraw back to 7
  8. If they can't, that's the last turn - each other player gets to take one more turn

And that's it.  Got slightly more complex than I initially had it (at first I had no end condition, then I realised the pool should slowly empty - but I realised either the pool would be too random; or would run out too quickly; so went with the stashes thing.) but feels about right now.

Importantly; four average turns (3+3+3+6=15) is slightly less good than one good turn, and three turns leading up to it (1+1+1+15=18) so saving up to get a big match is rewarded; as long as you manage to not be in someone else's suit.

Eh, it worked out OK.  About as fun as a generic family card game I guess.
It worked better once we added in an additional suit and jokers; though game then ran a little TOO long.
And changing the "Discard then shuffle" to "Discard, then draw dominion style, shuffle when needed" helped a lot.
I think it really needs some partial visibility of other players hands, to make it really clear that keeping track of what you're likely to draw is the whole game.  Perhaps some kind of bridge?
It was suggested that players get rewarded for following the previous player's suit; rather than their own; but I think that's too likely to end up with a pure pool.
Also considering players being allowed to discard extra cards; this would help pollute the pool and make recovery from a 2/2/2/1 hand more likely.

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