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Taking driving lessons, and...

Why is there such a concept as 'clutch'?  Why do I need to understand the cars internal workings in order to start or slow down without stalling?
And changing gears... why?

And why does any of this use your FEET for crying out loud.  Argh!

Actually, I think the most annoying thing is that I know these things HAVE been fixed.  You can get cars that are automatic, which put speed on a hand control, which automate the clutch.  They're just too expensive.  Grrr.
Really? My current car is automatic, and has an approximate market value of 50. --CH
Ok, too expensive to learn on.  The hand control things are very very expensive though.  On another note - whee! I'm learning to drive!  PanicStations?!  --Vitenka
Also, if you learn on an Automatic then you can't get a full DrivingLicense? -- Senji
True - but are they really going to uninvent the automatic?  --Vitenka
Hopefully yes, when they realise that manual has better fuel efficiency --K (who currently drives an automatic) (and realises he is being unrealistic but likes the idea of watching 90% of the US flail around trying to learn to use the "stick")
The fuel-efficiency argument is somewhat more complicated than that – it depends a lot on conditions and driving style, and in theory automatics have a better optimal efficiency, but... -- Senji
Well, an automatic can do everything I can, and can do it in responce to more subtle signals.  That automatics don't currently work that way... who cares?  --Vitenka
Automatics can't predict.  Well, unless you're presupposing an SI. -- Senji

CVT is probably the correct "way forward" here, actually, IMNSHO, rather than traditional automatic. -- Senji
My understanding was that for a bunch of technical reasons, those tended to be crappy and wear out really fast.  But yeah, "It Just Works" seems to be best expressed by these things.  A device that mechanicaly shifts - or even just does the clutch for you - is a decent waypoint though.  --Vitenka


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