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You can dynamically move things aroundin the DOM.
However - IE *requires* you to manually set ParentNode? (otherwise its EventBubbling? goes very strange) whilst FireFox says that attempting to set it is an error (and sets it itself when you AddChild? as you'd expect)

Doubleclicks are treated differently as well - some systems think it should be signalled:
Click, Click, DblClick?
Whilst some think it should be:
Click, DblClick?

So whatever you have in click, it needs to be idempotent, or at least overridden completely by the double.

Dynamically attaching events to objects is VERY different in each browser - avoid doing it (though the simple case of an event attached to document with no arguments seems to work ok)

IE thinks that 'event' is global.  FireFox thinks it's a local which exists only duing an event handler.  Worse - it doesn't do reference counting on it and destructs it even if you try to keep a copy - so copy out the values you want, instead.

'float' is a type name in javascript, duh.  So css style="float:left;" has to be references as whatever.style.cssFloat instead.  (That's the exception - most refs are turning word-word into wordWord)

SeeAlso EvilScript

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