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GM-less Resolution gaming.

I'm thinking a mythic setting.

+ If any player invoked fate, then they resolve.
+ Fate is in a players favor exactly half the time, and against them half the time.  (Use a token.)
+ Other players get to say "That's not in your fate" and veto.
+ Otherwise the fortune player who faces the biggest danger resolves.  (Fortune favors the bold)
+ Although fortune favors big dangers, it doesn't ALWAYS mean that you win.
- (The main reason why you won't is that someone else uses fate - but there should be a risk too.)
- Need some system to grade risk and the grading of bad stuff that affects a character.  (How hurt are you, how does it affect your ability to invoke fate and fortune?)
+ Once 'dead' a character is only dead to fortune.  Their fate can still intervene.

+ Scene based resolves, otherwise the players will far too often find themselves uninterested in the outcomes.

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