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Adblock plus - Duh.
Noscript - Duh.
NoSquint?.  (Zoooom!  Seriously, page resizing is a good thing)
Status-4-Evar.  (Um, status bar went bye bye?  Stupid fox.  Bring it back.)
Firebug - Javascript debugging, also css dom etc.
Ref Control - kill the referer header.
Target killer - Don't open new windows or tabs without permission, EVER.  (Probably obsolete now)
Custom Tab Width (Because I can't remember the css to apply to some random stylesheet somewher eto get back 40-pixel wide tabs)

TabGroups? - I didn't know I needed this until they removed it!  Fixed.
ClassicThemeRestorer? - because they did WHAT to the UI?
CookieMonster and AdvancedCookieManager? - because firefox removed real cookie management
CleanLinks? - not sure why this one, actually
CopyUrlsExpert? - Catnews would be impossible without this
DuckDuckGo? Plus - SURELY there's an easier way to put alternate search engines in as the default search?
RefControl? and NoScript? - still Duh.
uBlockOrigin? replaces the venerable addblock.
RequestPolicy? and Decentraleyes adds to that.  (Developing locally is sooo annoying without permitting cross-site)
OpenInBrowser? - seriously "This is an html page, would you like to save it?"  NO!  OPEN IT.  YOU'RE A WEB BROWSER, IDIOT!

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