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Unbelievably Janky piece of crap.  No wonder they made it available for phone screens - an auto maker would have to be insane to build it into the dashboard.

So yeah; they made it work on phones native and I thought "Why not try it?"

Well first of all - "You cannot voice search offline without the latest voice pack installed, when safe to do so please... "  Ok; that kinda makes sense.  Get home, get on the wifi, install ~50mb of voice pack updates.

Set off, search.  "foo center not found".  Grr.  "foo center, bar road".  Routing...  Yay!  It works!
Go half a mile.  Stop at some shops.  Post letter.  Get back in; and the real problems hit.

First of all; it takes far too long for bluetooth to connect back up.  Why doesn't it try the last connection it had, first?

And then - for no obvious reason - it's forgotten my destination.  Fine.  "foo center".  "I'm sorry, I can't connect to google.  In the moment.  But you can try lots of other things.  Why not try 'navigate to home'?"  "Navigate to foo center, bar road".  "I'm sorry... Why not try 'what can I say?'"  "What can I say?" "{silence, four coloured spinning dots, forever.}"

That's the dystopian world of our robotic overlords.  Four coloured spinning dots, stamping on your face, forever.

(Seriously - 'google auto' is... an interface to the media player that doesn't give you current position in the song, a 'speak now' button, and a link to google maps which sometimes decides to just have a bad day and refuse to work at all?)

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