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Sunday 18th May

Seven round swiss sealed.  Spoilers postponed till the end.

I created two decks - a red white main, and a green with blue splash to sideboard in.  I wanted to relearn how to play, so I wanted to try as many different things as possible.  I also played many many friendlies between matches.
Both are mana heavy, both run many small creatures.  I run all the medium and big creatures I got - but it's not many.  Red has some burn, blue has some control, white has some healing and green got a lot of elves to feed off of one another.

Round One.  Lost 0-2.

My Red White versus Blue Black.  Got manascrewed, lost unutterably.
My Green Blue went better - but opponent got out a lot of quickish 4/2 and 4/3 that I couldn't deal with and rolled over me with zombies.

Conclusion?  Bad luck first - but no hope due to the meta.  That black-blue went on to come sixth, so skill probably mattered too.  I didn't have any.

Round Two.  Lost 0-2. 

I misplayed this one.
My Red White against Red Green.  I used vortex turn three (!) but messed up the burn on turn six to lose by a hair.  I got the rules wrong - if I'd gotten the instant at the right time I would have won.  Damn.

My Green Blue versus Blue Black... I lost.  Little chance to win (again with the 4/2 reasonably early) - but I messed up - I blocked it with a 4/4 while I was ahead in the race.  Doh.  I gained life, but his big fliers ate me.  The mana was horirble - he got a lot of mana early, then the medium critters.  I got mana early, and little critters.

Round Three.  Draw 1-1.

He time wasted games one and two.  Argh.
Red White versus Blue White.
Many many small soldiers and fliers.  He had a lot of things to pump them up.
He used a lot of counterspells on me - including pacifying my dragon!  He attacked with unblockables.  Total rollover.

Rematch.  I played out some small critters and enchanted them.  I held onto the vortex for a while this time.  I had both big cards, but no mana to use them.
He countered me more once I started burning after playing the vortex.  I misplayed the timing AGAIN - should have waited.  But I pulled it off anyway, to win on one life.

Third match - and a new lesson.  Blitz magic is an incredible improvement.
He was blocking, I was speeding - and went smoothly into the large critters.  Burnt his critters away, played vortex and ... ran out of time.  I would have won next turn, too.

Round Four.  Down to table 17.  Won 2-0.

Red White versus Green White.  I forgot to get a token for a thingy that got tokens when things unmorph.  If I'd remembered, it would not have died and I would have won then.  Jai un poisson. Is that a typo of "I have a fish"? He pulled off a combo of soldiers that mutually pumped.
But I got back lots of life (we worked out after that I'd gained 21 in that game) played the vortex, burnt the critters (and defended) and sneaked a win by four life.

Second match - he got lots of mana and a few crappy critters, I fought them down.  He pulls off the soldier combo again - and I pull the tyrant.  Thwomp.  Ooops, I forgot his scales - it would have been a turn earlier thwomp  - but an utter thrashing due to over mana from him.
Big creatures truly rock in limited.

A friendly using my Green Blue goes off perfectly - three elves and gaining life, four elves and gaining life... hit him with fliers, forest walkers, things you can't block except with fliers...  and something with trample.  I remembered to cycle for land early on!  Winning by 30 life and a look of disbelief.  Why couldn't that have been a real match?

Round Five.  Table 13.  Lost 2-0.

Red White versus Red Green.  I mulligan, don't improve much - he goes fast and I'm stuck with sorceries and enchants.  I get rolled over.  Lost by 14.

Green Blue versus same -
This time he gets mana screwed - I vapour chain, keep poking him - but see no large creatures.  He finally builds up to five land (GRRR2) and he splats me good.  Big creatures really do hurt.

And the friendly?  Proves that I really can win.  Slow creature build from us both, gain a little life and vortex.  Splat his creatures, small flier attacks and lay on firebreathing.  He starts to block and hit me with the big creatures, but vortex did it.  It prevented either of us gaining six - which would have given him the time to turn it around.  Turn five is about right I think.  Win by 18.

Round Six.  Table 15.  Lose 1-2.

Red White versus Green blue
I get red mana only, no weenies.  Argh.  After a slow start, I gain a chunk of life and start zapping the critters.  Thirty one life, and vortex.  Win by 23 life and a happy cougar.

Red White versus Red Green.  A white only start, he weenies and I get squat.  His goblins go off, my blockers die and then I follow them.  Lose by twenty and deep shame.

Green Blue versus Red Green.  I get the scout, and make it 2, but he kills it.  I played the avatar too early, and he killed that too.  Big critters eat me.  Critical misplay by me.  Lose by seven.

Round Seven.  Table 16.  Win 2-0.

Red White versus Green Red.
Had the tyrant in hand all game.  Argh.  Got the vortex turn two, and never managed to use it.  Had to cycle for the only mountain I saw all game.  Argh.  Big white creatures?  We've heard of them.  Luckily, he got card screwed too.  We both used creature removal and glared at each other.  Eventually I got a couple of fliers out and beat him down.  Had he seen a bit more land, I would have been so very very eaten by big creatures.  Win by 8.

Green Blue versus Blue Black.  He should have won this - his 4/2 early zombies are deadly.  But...
Mulligan.  Double mulligan.  Triple mulligan.  Quadruple mulligan.  Quintuple mulligan.  Sextuple mulligan - and THEN he saw no land for the first seven turns.
A bit of a foregone conclusion, and my smooth progression of creatures from small flyer to big trampler went unheeded.  Win by 32.

In the friendly rematch, I messed up my blocking.  Should have taken an earlier hit to let the vortex do its work.  I countered the enchantments well, but the morphs ate me.  Lost by 3.

And in the final, I played vortex way too late!  Big creatures made a comeback, and I lost by 8.

Final Result

Placed twenty ninth out of thirty three.  The top six decks were all primarily black.


Ugh.  I can't play - AND you get screwed if you don't get big creatures in your sealed.

Some of the doubled enchantments are fun - the dragon tyrant is some serious overkill, but in type2 it would be possible to get him out turn six or seven for real painful things.

Elves and soldiers and birds and goblins combo well - but zombies combo to an unfair amount.

And MTG: Sulphuric Vortex rocks very very very much.  Two damage to each player at start of their turns.  And all life gains reduced to zero.  Combine with damage prevention, and early life gains (preferably ones that cycle) for maximum fun.  There's another one which I didn't have (pillar of something) which burns them if they play spells of cost three or less.  That combos kinda nicely.  The cougar is wonderful, but probably not in type2 - too costly.  (Sadly, this means that the new improved goblin decks are really going to rule the roost.)  I am amused that my 'it looks good bung it in' strategy brought me a working combo deck though.  Just need another one and I'd practically use it in type2.  (No one is running many disenchants.  Bet that'll change quick.)

There are NO cheap 3/3 type creatures any more.  Let alone bigger.  Anything big also has specials and costs a lot.  That middle gap is filled by... you guessed it.. zombies.  Argh.

And I need a ruling on mistform wall.  If I give it a new creature type -
  1. does it lose its existing creature type?  It doesn't say 'add' it says 'becomes'. Yes., it does.
  2. does that mean it can then attack? Yes, it does.
  3. Is that very very sick? Not really. It's a pretty standard thing to do.

Fliers seem to not be used much - which is a shame.  They work well, but there are still a few 'kill all fliers' kinda cards.

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