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To:  The Players - or those interested.

Tentative notes towards a WereWolf/TheForsaken? RolePlaying campaign named "Places We Hold Close"

This is an open call for those to whom this sounds interesting (and do note the place and time) 

1. Introduction

This is intended to introduce you to the game that I (Vitenka) intend to run.

Current plan: Running monthly, ?!?? friday of the month, starting in June.  First Friday?  Last Friday?  Probably last.  Need comments!  Last Friday in June is forever away!

This document is quite fluid, and will be updated as players ideas evolve.  (If you're accessing this via wiki, you can add comments directly.  Please do!)  So what you see here is what is true 'right now' - not what is set in stone.

Having said that, some things are pretty much fixed.

I am a FreeForm? GM?.  The game won't follow rules, won't follow source materials very closely and will not be DungeonsAndDragons with werewolves in.

This document is intended to contain minor spoilers for the first few sessions - because it's damn hard to get everyone agreeing on the tone of the game without it.  (Such as: It is a WereWolf? game.  It will have spooky things in it.)
Most of these spoilers should be confined to section 3 - but do read the first bit of that, which will explain why you might want to read it.

2. Out of character rubbish

I live in Southampton.  So gaming in Australia is pretty much out of the question.
Right now we're looking at probably running the game in Southampton - probably every fortnight or every month.  Friday evenings seems likely.
Edit: I can get one local player if we move to Saturday or Sunday, or two maybe three if I move to Tuesday.

This is important!  We need to work out a schedule.
We don't have a start date yet - hope it to be soon.

We can run chunks (like character creation) via email/web etc.  It's clunky, but may be feasible.

Ideally looking for 5-7 players.

I run FreeForm?.  Exactly how FreeForm? is up to you players.  I cut my teeth on Amber and mainly run convention-style one-shot games - so that's what I'm best at.  I'll attempt rules if it makes you more comfortable, though.
Currently, I'd probably use

If there's something you want (or do not want) in the game - tell me!

I'm thinking of liberally stealing from CallOfCthulhu?, UnkownArmies?, InNomine, Kult?, SapphireAndSteel? and WolfsRain.  Among others.

I don't mind if people can't come, but I do mind not being told in advance.  More notice is better, but any notice is good.

I shy away from explicit scenes - they happen 'off screen'

2.1.  Tone and Mood

Horror in familiar places.  Holding on to what is yours.

I would like to give everyone a chance to have their characters act out their own story with in the game.

The game is likely to focus on the interaction between reality and shadow.  The emphasis is on the pack, territory and the wolf mentality.  Decent dollops of horror (or at least spooky tension) should be there.

3.  Characters

Don't start building characters too soon!
When you do, concentrate on building them as humans - I'd like to play 'pre-change' for a bit.  By all means have a WereWolf? in mind.

I'm probably discarding the tribes completely.  Think of them as potential pack-totems rather than as a 'must have' part of your character.  (Mine them for ideas, by all means!)

We'll build a town together - important places, people, friends and family.  I want ideas from everyone!  (Because I'm, like, lazy)

Your characters may know a bunch of myths and legends.  Some of them will be true.  Don't stick solely to the mythology in the book!

Your characters will NOT know of the truth of were-wolves.  Unless you convince me you've got a better idea for a campaign  :)

3.  Spoilers

4.  Spoilers  (For real this time)

Werewolves are real, and mostly as presenbted in the WTF book.  Your characters will go through first-change.

The 'shadow realm' is the real world, seen through cracked glass.  You'll be interacting with it a lot.  It's not a seperate place, more a new way of looking at things.

There are worse things in the world.  You can hunt them, they can hunt you - not everything needs to be an enemy.

There isn't a world-shattering threat.  Your problems are local.  You'll probably never leave the town again.

I'm intending to play up the 'what the hell is going on' angle quite heavily.

I'm pretty sure that I want there to be a pure pack nearby - but I don't want them solely as antagonists.

I would like to run quite slow.  Maybe 4-7 sessions before you've all gone through first change - but that could take half a year!  Player input really needed here.

Tribes can exist in the world - but I don't really intend your characters to find out about them.  I don't know why, they just rub me the wrong way.

The lunacy affects people as per WolfsRain.  (If you haven't seen it yet, do.)  Oh, and via spiritual MumboJumbo? it works on cameras too.

{This section needs expanding}

Game starts... tonight.  Two players can't make it this week.  Luckily I managed to get too many players to start with ;)

Is toothywiki a reasonable place for logs and such?  Only I'm far too lazy to make a real website (and my connection is kind of saturated on a regular basis)  The obvious alternative is CURSwiki - but it's a less friendly place.  --Vitenka
... --Edith
Well, it's a less busy place which is filled mainly with a LARP.  Which scares me.  --Vitenka  (Who really ought to fix his own website)
I'm with Vitenka on this one... --SF
It's got several campaigns, the LARPers just seem to be adding theirs at the moment, this will settle down. --Edith (Who really ought to update his campaign on CURSWiki at some point)
Well mainly, this website feels like 'home'.  I understand that it's just one campaign that posts - but most of the campaigns that post there feature people I've never heard of.  --Vitenka
I'm about to add my campaign to it. Treasure Trap will calm down once all the pages are up. --Requiem


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