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I have rather a lot of podcasts in my queue.  Might be useful to keep a list in case I need to resub or something.

99% invisible (weekly)
BBC Inside Science
Beef and Dairy Network
Comedy of the week
Dead Pilots Society (not as funny as it thinks it is, may drop.)
File on 4
Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
Global News Podcast (BBC world service, 2x daily.  Make sure you set your podcatcher to only cache the most recent couple!)
KCRW's Here Be Monsters
LeVar? Burton Reads (also may drop)
Magic: The gathering Drive to Work Podcast (2x each sunday)
Money Box
Myths and Legends
No Such Thing as a Fish
People fixing the World
Revisionist History
Science Vs
Song Exploder
Strange Tales (old time radio)
Stuff to blow your mind (actually.. yeah, unsubscribing from sysk network, it's kinda crappily reaearched and way too americanised)
The Bugle
The documentary
The economist radio (all audio)
The Inquiry
The Moth
The SnakesCast? (3x weekly, but you need all three to get a whole show)
The Truth
This American Life
Tom Robinson Introducing
Week in Westminster
What Trump can teach us about Con Law

Dan Carlin's Hardcore history (monthly - but each one is 6h long!)

Boardgames to go (sporadic)

More Perfect (on a long hiatus)
The infinite monkey cage (on hiatus)
The John Peel Lecutre (1x yearly)

A Folk song a day (defunct)
Blindspot: An introduction to forensic science (seems defunct)
The dead Authors podcast (defunct)

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