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I should probably write these down somewhere.

Perfect-Radio: http://audio.wanmei.com/wmsj?ccode=cc1350  - annoyingly, won't play in my normal media player for some reason.
Gridstream: http://s7.viastreaming.net:7350/ - In-game for AnarchyOnline, and runs competitions for that game, but ignoring that is a mix of hilarious, bad, and rock.  Their trailers are very silly.
Dementia: http://dementiaradio.org:8027/ - As the name sounds; demented.  Includes all the DoctorDemento? favourites, lots of comedy tracks.  Gets a bit repetitive; there's just not all that many different comedy tracks out there.  Nonetheless - daily FishHeads?.
Rock Radio North East: http://shoutcast.gmgradio.com:10104 - Includes 'five word weather' and, well, lots of classic rock.
Radio Rivendell: - Lots of ambiant tweety things.
Deviance: - Mainly anime tracks and shouty metal.
Vitenka's Pad: http://radio.vitenka.com:8080/ - comepltely random selection of... everything.

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