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Rat deck, take one.

More or less, I got a pack rat, and figured I had to try it.  But I don't have enough to make it work.
So I used the other two rares I got - Desecration Demon and Nightveil Specter.  I've got a Blood Speaker to back up the demon.  The specter demands I splash all colours to support it; so I went with green for that (the splash diminished over time) and threw in my bringers because why not?  The non-creatures are about half support (getting creatures back, making mana) and half "This ought to be the last spell of the game".  Nezumi Graverobber is a very good rat, I happen to have a lot of him, and he fits well with the specter; and Suffer the past seemed like a good combination with it - and I seem to have ended up with a small lifegain theme.

So, as usual - a deck that's all over the freakin place, with no real plan to have enough power to win; but at least it should be hard to sideboard against.

Gaze of the Gorgon
Revive the Fallen
Raise Dead
2 x Verdant Haven
Wail of the Nim
Suffer the past
Demonic Tutor
Phyrexian Arena
Whispersilk Cloak
Altar of Shadows

Pack Rat
Nezumi Bone-Reader
Rabid Rats
Gnat Miser
2 x Moonglove Changeling
3 x Nezumi Ronin
3 x Nezumi Graverobber
2 x Okiba-Gang Shinobi
2 x Ravenous Rats
2 x Skullsnatcher

2 x Vault Skirge
Nightveil Specter
Bringer of the Red Dawn
Bringer of the Black Dawn
Desecration Demon
Blood Speaker
Pilgrim's Eye

2 x Rupture Spire
2 x Vivd Grove
golgari rot Frm
Selesnya Sanctuary
2 x Forest
12 x Swamp

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