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As usual, built a main deck and a sideboard deck.
Black Green for the main (I had Iname as one, I could not resist) and Red Blue for the other.

Astoundingly, both worked well.  I still got horribly mangled though.  Green seems to be the most played colour, followed shortly by white.  Both decks I centered around casting cost five.  The RU deck was red with splash.

The 'when you play an arcane strip land from your deck 'spirit is awesome.  MTG: Sokenzan SpellBlade is broken.  Well, it would be if it didn't cost so much.  (Is it me, or does this card have entirely too many creature types?  --FR, who used two in his red/green deck and lost miserably)  Blue honden and other blue draw cards made a deadly combo.

Format was starter of champions and 3 boosters of saviours.

Round 1.  Playing versus a RW deck, I misread sokenzan and died to its overpump.  From 14 life when I would have won next turn :(
Second game I played the black mage traitor someone - (three black and x, x/x, tagrget player loses x)  Very nice.  Still lost to the white kirin though.  Awesomely evil.

The soulshift mechanic is very very crappy.  At least I can never get it to work.

Round 2.

Playing against a GW deck.  I had to shut down an eight and a half tails with life drain - but the combo (spirit that sucks land plus tap elf to put land into play, cap with the black mage or any other huge casting cost stuff) worked and I won.

Second game, seitched to the RU.  A ghostly prison kept me back for ages - (I kept attacking with a doubled-up akki) but meant my hand size stayed up so that senzoku was a win.  Blue hondens are great.  We were both a bit manascrewed this game.

Round 3.

Totally manascrewed both games, playing against someone with a slightly better RG deck, that used the same green ocmbo as me.  Won the friendly though.  I hate hate HATE glitterfangs.  Especially when there's an artifact giving them +1/+1 on the table.  I'm also loving the way they trigger spiritcraft.  I really have to pull a GR deck together from this.

Round 4.

Playing against a BG deck - my combo went off nicely - but he slammed down an unkillable nezumi (some equipment or other) so I couldn't let anything die!  Thus after acquiring a horde of creatures and just as he started to bring out the huge things, I slammed in for 17 points of damage and finished with the mage.  I love the mage.  I traded it bercause I don't play black.  I got a kirin, but I am a fool.

Very strange final round.  I switched to the RU deck, and got manascrewed by drawing NO blue mana.  How odd.  Still, a bit of direct damage kept the field clear, used MTG: Inner Fire to get a turn 3 MTG: Oni of the wild places (which he prompltly killed),  frostwielder did its job and Akki, Sezuki to win.  I think he got manascrewed a bit, too.

There are some really nice spritcraft/hand-size decks to be made.

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