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The last season left off with a mexican standoff, Moiarty has a suicide bomb jacket and a lot of sniper dots.  Sherlock has a pistol pointed at the bomb jacket.

And as the music gets all tense we hear... The Stayin Alive ringtone.  And Moriarty walks away yelling at the other end.  Everyone just quietly, you know, forgets that the snipers could shoot Sherlock as soon as he lets Moriarty out of sight.  Well, ok, whatever.

One liner the first: "If you have what you say you have, I'll make you rich.  If you don't, I'll make you into shoes."

And now we move on to today's plot.  With a riding crop.  "Have you been Wicked your highness?" "Yes Miss Adler."

Run titles.  Watson starts a blog.  Sherlock turns down a bunch of crappy cases.  Does some of the sillier short ones off-screen.

One liner the second: "People don't really go to heaven when they die, they're taken to a special room and burned."

There are several clues for later here.  You won't spot them until you rewatch.  Holmes gets his hat!

The final case is a dead hiker found by a man whose car was stalled.  Holmes solves it by remote, but the detective is arsey so he doesn't tell him.  Main plot resumes as Holmes is forcibly called in for a very important person.  It is heavily implied that Kate Middleton has been photographed with Miss Adler.

There's a ridiculous scene where both Adler and Sherlock do a dressing up thing.  (Ok, this is annoying.  I'm only calling him Sherlock because Mycroft is quite prominent in this one, I hereby dub Mycroft 'Dull' so that I can call Holmes Holmes.  I refuse to call Watson Hamish, however.)

Holmes does the whole bit out of the book.  Stumbles up in a priest collar, beaten, to her door to get her to let him in.  It works about as well as you'd expect in a modern setting, but she lets him in anyway because she's slinky and has been watching him and is clearly up to some plan of her own.

One liner the third: "I always hear 'punch me in the face' when you're speaking, but it's usually subtext."
One liner the fourth: "I was a soldier, I killed people." "You were a doctor!" "I had bad days."

She attempts to seduce Holmes.  He attempts to seduce her.  Badly.  She isn't wearing any clothes.  Watson is embarrassed and useless.  Pretty much for the rest of the episode.  Holmes can't read her, but his 'fire alarm she looks at the hiding place' thing works anyway.  Then the CIA break in.

And, um, they kill some of them.  (After he guesses her safe code.  I'd say he deduces it, but, um, no.)

She drugs Holmes and escapes.  She reveals that she's figured out the hiker problem in his hallucinatory dream sequence.

Adler turns up dead.  Holmes identifies her by her boobs.

Holmes now finds she's changed his ringtone to 'oooh' and she texts him.  A lot.  Then he makes a complete mess of personal relations at a Christmas party, and gets sent her phone.  It's locked, and he can't guess the code.  (He tries a few times as the episode goes on.)

Adler reveals to Watson that she's alive, also to Holmes, less directly.  She wants her phone back.

One, um, seer, the first: "You know, he could just phone me, if he didn't have this awful power complex" (pulls into Battersea power station)

The CIA next take Mrs Hudson hostage.  Holmes is somewhat vengeful.

One liner the fifth: "And exactly how many times did he fall out of the window?" "It's all a bit of a blur officer, I'm afraid I lost count."

It's now Watson's turn to reveal that he fails at relationships too.

Some more trickery with codes (he hands her a phone to enter the code, he reveals it was the wrong phone, she reveals it was the wrong code) and he figures out the secret message the Americans want is a set of seat numbers for a plane.

And now the big denouement.  It all gets a bit stupid here.  It's a plane the terrorists are going to blow up, so Dull fills it with dead bodies because, um, he wants the terrorists to think they've gotten away with it, but not get anyone killed.  Ignoring the whole 'Terrorism' bit, a bit, there.  Faking a plane explosion is going to be just as good for them as having a real one.  This all links back to all those clues you missed earlier because they weren't clues or foreshadowing, they were just the scriptwriters being clever.

And now Adler does her big reveal.  She was evil all along!  She let them know that they knew that they knew and so now they know they won't fall for it and this means you don't need to make chunky kibbles from dead people any more.  Somehow this means she can get away with stuff!  She asks for the big payoff and Holmes wins by, um, guessing her phone code.

One liner the sixth: "Those things I said, I didn't mean them, it was just playing the game." "Yes.  And this is just losing."

Then she dies, again.  Holmes inherits her (now empty) phone.

One liner the seventh: "I don't know.  But originally, he wanted to be a pirate."

Then there's a dream sequence in which Holmes saves her from being beheaded, because Dull isn't allowed to have even a snide remark go right.


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