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My DigitalCamera? skills are somewhat lacking, are they not?
Anyway - from left to right:
Top row:
Lion (who has been with me since I was a baby), Giant-Fluppy-Tiger who was gotten to celebrate moving in here, Force (the fox that some of you have met) and a very flat nameless lion from a Christmas.
Next row:
Chicken (who is actually a rooster and isn't even mine), an andrex puppy, a whale sponge and Bonzo who was a present from a huge pile of stuffed toys a cousin had grown out of, presented (to my sisters as well) at my great Aunts 100th birthday when I was ten. 
The giant dorrstop collie is a BarneyDog who was bought just today whilst out in the new forest, to remind me of my real dog (now deceased).
Image: 115

This cat is wonderful - it purrs and breathes when you stroke it.
Image: 116

Littler stuffies.  From top left we have a puma, simba the tiger cub (my littlest sister named it) a clock [I have that clock! --ChrisHowlett], a nameless fox and an otter which is a membership gift from the otter preservation fund and a present from aforementioned sister.
Down below we have an otter glove puppet glomping wazoo the blue rabbit (gift from grandparents at paultons park - one of those ring toss games.) - he usually sits hanging by a string on the top of his head from my noticeboard.  Then there's a wooden african cat thing which can be taken to pieces and was a christmas gift.
Image: 117

Snow tiger, no real story - sits above my computer desk.
Image: 118

And a very fluffy tiger cub (and a bad picture)
Image: 119

So there we go.  Probably no one cares ;)

Still, LiveJournal style - this is my house these are my cats...

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