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(Preserved from Sandbox, references both the tech generator and the bathroom generator...)

BNF: Vitenka/TechnologyAdvertGenerator

Code follows.

option ::= evil = 2
option ::= include = Vitenka/TechnologyGenerator
option ::= include = AlexChurchill/BathroomPraiseGenerator
option ::= include = Vitenka/WeaponsTesting

crlf ::= "<br><br>"
pbr ::= crlf ---- crlf
tadvg_intro ::= "Here is a catalogue of random futuristic objects and technologies." crlf 
tadvg_middle ::= pbr "And here is a single expanded item." crlf
 tadvg_testimonial ::= pbr "Please watch this testimonial film!" crlf

''Note that the bnf line (that kicks off the actual text) was being inherited from the last include line - which is what we want.  But since we want to force a substituion, we need to recreate it.''
bnf ::= tadvg_intro <bathroom::=build_me_a_technology> sentences tadvg_middle <<bathroom::=build_me_a_technology>> sentences tadvg_testimonial weapons_test


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