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Quickie notes so I don't forget it:
In general: it's completely fine to include any cards in here, no matter how good or otherwise they are. "Reject" is completely subjective. --AC

Not sure they're not too good:

MTG: Derelor
MTG: Yukora, the Prisoner
MTG: Reki, the History of Kamigawa
MTG: Natural Affinity
MTG: Kinsbaile Borderguard
MTG: Granite Gargoyle
MTG: Gilt-Leaf Archdruid (Ok, I doubt you CAN trigger it, but if you do, you WILL win.)
MTG: Shizuko, Caller of Autumn
MTG: Thrull Champion (It's still a 3/3 for 5)
MTG: Ebon Praetor (Still a 5/5 with decay/sac creature for 6)
MTG: Llanowar Wastes (Well, It's not as good as most dual lands)
MTG: Goblin Flotilla (2/2 island walk for 3... actually yeah, that's too good.  Removed.)
MTG: Spellweaver Helix (Will this ever trigger, in format?)
Llanowar Wastes is viewed as pretty good. The rest (including Flotilla) are fine candidates for Rejecting. And even LW is perfectly fine if you're happy to get rid of it - see "subjective" again. It's fine for the draft to contain a fair few cards that are perfectly good in Limited - I've contributed several such. --AC

Not sure they're not too BAD:
MTG: Imi Statue
MTG: Mountain Stronghold
MTG: Delif's Cube
''(Wow, rulings on this one make it even WORSE!
''If you use the ability after blockers are declared, it won't trigger at all. So you want to use it before blockers are declared.  This card has an activated ability that creates a triggered ability which watches the target creature. )
MTG: Fungal Bloom (Because how useful could spore counters be?  And are there ANY fungus?)
There are a few Fungus in Fallen Empires and Time Spiral block. Whether there are any in this draft remains to be seen :) I'm including an Imi Statue among my contribution, counting it in the "really really useless" category that I ensured wasn't too big. Delif's Cube is absurdly inefficient, but it does at least do something, so I think I'd count this as just 3 really-useless, which is fine as 3 out of 30. --AC (and hey, there are a couple of red legends in the pool, so it's conceivable even Mountain Stronghold miiight do something...)

The rest:
MTG: Draconian Cylix
MTG: Ring of Renewal
MTG: Salvaging Station  (And yes, I know that's the basis of a few awesome decks.  Outside those?)
MTG: Hair-Strung Koto
MTG: Disrupting Scepter
MTG: Untaidake, the Cloud Keeper
MTG: Minamo, School at Water's Edge
MTG: Shizo, Death's Storehouse
MTG: Suncrusher (It costs 9, you need to build around it, it doesn't make you win...)
MTG: Rainbow Vale (Ok, so it's mana fixing.  Kinda sorta.)
MTG: Vodalian War Machine  (You need TWO merfolk for it to even START to be useful)
MTG: Dwarven Armourer
MTG: Festival
MTG: Whippoorwill (WHY is this not as bird?  WHY?)
MTG: Mindmoil (It, uh... shuffles your hand.  Every spell.  Random much?)
MTG: Thoughts of Ruin
MTG: Reversal of Fortune
MTG: Endless Whispers
MTG: Spoils of the Vault
MTG: Moonring Mirror
MTG: Shell of the Last Kappa
MTG: Balm of Restoration
MTG: Elven Lyre
Yup, these are all fine candidates. I like Minamo a lot, but have contributed my own copies of two or three of the rest of these amongst my contribution :) --AC
Ah, except that MTG: Festival is common, so not eligible for the Reject Rare draft. --AC

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