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Ok - here's the current set of rules (now 35% baked), then the discussion:


A game for 2-3 players, 20-30 minutes.  Age 8+.
(Note: It ought to support 4+ too, but there's a fiddly condition I need to think about)


There is a tiger in the middle of the room.  Can you steal the treasures without being eaten?


The board is triangular.  At each of the three corners there is a tower, and in the middle is the tiger.
The tiger also has a speed track, tiger starts at 1.

Each player has six seven cards; two for each of the towers - one with a coin symbol, one with a tiger symbol; and a 'hide' card.
Each player starts with six treasures (2 of each colour), each tower starts with one of the appropriate colour, and there's an extra 6 in the bank.  (2 of each colour)


  1. Each player selects a card, secretly, then reveal.  That's where you are, this turn.  This card stays out and visible.
  2. Work out who claims treasures
    1. If you're the only player in a tower claim any treasure in it.
      1. If it's your colour, into your claimed (VP) pile, otherwise into your supply
    2. If the tower clockwise of you is occupied, claim a treasure from each player who is there (their choice which) into your claimed (VP) pile.
    3. As long as the tower anti-clockwise wasn't occupied, and you're alone in this tower - you also get to sneak one treasure (of your choice) from your supply to your claimed (VP) pile.
  3. Move the tiger
    1. He moves by his current speed, directly towards:
      1. A tower containing multiple players.
      2. If not, then a tower with a player who stole treasure from another who didn't themselves get stolen from.
      3. If not, then a tower with a player who neither stole, nor got stolen from.
      4. If not (all three towers occupied by a single player, or all players hiding this turn), then the tiger just spins in place and goes nowehere.
  4. (Check for victory)
    1. Did the tiger just land on an occupied tower?  Those players get eaten, and the game ends.
    2. Alternately, if at least one player has nothing left in their supply, that also triggers a game end.
    3. The uneaten player with the most treasure in their claimed (VP) pile wins.
  5. Work out tiger's new speed
    1. Unless at least one player hid; the tigers speed goes up by one.  Soon all towers will be within its range!
  6. Add treasure to towers
    1. Any unoccupied tower gains a treasure of the appropriate colour, if any are left.
    2. Each player may put one treasure, of their choice, onto any tower.  We shouldn't need a sand-timer for this, but if we need one, there's a hungry tiger...
  7. If, and only if, players have now played all seven of their cards, they pick them up again.  It's unusual for a game to last that long.
  8. Go back to "Everyone plays a card"

Also thinking about having some other symmetry breaker; a small (and different) bonus for each tower; or maybe a small set of tiger-movement cards on each tower, pre-revealed and executed by number of people going there.

Tried a couple of symmetry breakers.  Rotating a player who HAD to bribe was good qol, but not really improving the tactics part.  Announcing how long you'd stay in was interesting, but not quite right.

Keep the forced bribe and cleanup.  Change to remove colour of tokens and stock of tokens; just a bank to bribe from now.

At start of game choose: Bid to gain 2 if you retire on tiger speed 1-3, 1 for 4-5, 3 for speed 6.
And highest bid has start marker.  Being start means you gain a VP, bribe (from bank) and refill empty towers, as well as tiger speed cleanup etc.

So now you have a range of speeds to go on, and staying in the game longer has more reward; but not devastatingly so.  I think I need to buff up early retirement though - so even retired, you still earn the start marker, and all that goes with it.

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