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VirtualDub? just crashes whenever I try to ask it to capture.

Any ideas?  Nvidia card, Windows XP.  Something that can compress down to at most 10gig an hour in realtime (for later processing to something sensible) would do, but if it can compress on the fly to about 2gig an hour, that would be best.  (Remembering the 4gig file-size limit of a 32bit architecture)

I've not in general had much luck under Windows with capturing video using anything other than the software and codecs provided/recommended by the capture device's manufacturer - I've found that, on quite a wide variety of hardware (assorted brooktree-based TV tuners, ATI wonder cards, the Pinnacle external capture thingy - all much of a muchness in this respect) and all Windows versions since 95, doing anything even slightly non-kosher produces copious artefacts, dropped frames and out-of-sync sound at best, crashes/no capture at worst. I can only surmise that no-one at the cheap end of things bothers to adhere to any Windows media standards, assuming such exist. Also, Nvidia in particular release fresh drivers on a nearly-weekly basis (and our PC coders instantly make the engine depend on them and cause BSODs if you don't grab them, geh). I'd say check out the Nvidia site, install the latest WDM drivers and Personal Cinema, use that to capture and Virtualdub or Transcode to reencode into the codec you *really* wanted the video in. - MoonShadow

Hmm - I forgot that nvida have a crappy 'personal cinema' thing. May try it.  The problem with 'capture then transcode' is streaming more than about half an hour of video.  MPEG1 just doesn't cut it.  And, annoyingly, there are two video standards.  The older vfw (which hauppage etc. use) and the newer WDM (which, as far as I can tell, requires the CPU to do everything.)  It should be so easy.  Or, at least, MythTV? should run on windows.  --Vitenka

Just to clairfy - capturing in (say) vitrualdubmod works fine, as long as I don't want to capture and compress.  --Vitenka

Hah!  How odd.  Nero now has a video capture program (intended for streaming direct to DVD, but works to the HDD.  Ands it allows you to use any compression you like.  Sadly, I can only get enough bandwidth to capture 320x240 MPEG2 at 15fps without dropping frames.  Any more compression and the CPU chokes, any more frames or size and the hard drive chokes.  Argh.  Luckily 320 isn't too bad for VHS?.  --Vitenka (Tempted to try and get it working on bsd - but only has a command line there.  Mind you, it's a proper thirty quid hauppage card, rather than this apparant POS built into the fifth-of-a-grand VideoCard?)

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