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Page created 6th May - Spring 1221

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Vitenka has an interesting view on things. And I have no compunctions against expressing myself all over this web site
Thanks for that, Vitenka.
Anyway - a fox, who varies from biting sarcasm; through light-hearted humour; with little interest in power.
Unfortunately; he occasionally drops down into a deep depression, and the sarcasm turns to cynicism, and his actions turn hurtful to all those around him.

In those moods, he can be very dangerous. Although he isn't exactly a master of the magical arts Oi!... he nevertheless is capable of some impressive acts, and his natural cunning; and ability to find new uses for spells, more than makes up for it.
Hey! I think I'm the best in the covenant with illusions, and come close to best in a couple of other things...

All right - so I didn't draw it. Vitenka did.
So I copied it from a public archive already. Stop staring at me like that. Doesn't anyone believe me?

Of course, Vitenkas actions have imperriled himself more than a few times, but he gets through, due to an effect known as 'ping'.
That's the sound a magic makes when it hits a parma which is absolutely ridiculously strong *snigger*

Although he moans about his fate on a regular basis - Vitenka is probably better off this way; as a brief spell as a human taught him.

You promised not to mention that...
Grrr, right.
I didn't want to be a fox. Then I was a human, and I preferred being fox, and now I'm a fox again, and I preferred being a human. Straight?

Straight as your tail. As a fox, Vitenka finds sympathy easier to come by; but also finds himself patronised.

[Full strip...]

The clip is an excerpt from an excerpt from Ranma1/2 ©Rumiko Takahashi, which it links to.
Just look at it, then click on it already!

Anyhow, Vitenka is a fox of many qualities.
He's invented more spells than anyone else in the covenant, and more which are genuinely new to the order.
He is an accomplished artist (nowhere near as good as Deunan's husband, but, still very good)
He's also the mage to have done most damage to the covenant (nearly getting all the lost-ones killed; and driving many of them half mad; let alone the fiasco of what happened with Sildana)

But hey; Vitenka embodies his aspect well; (mail James Palmer to ask about his characterisation studies w.r.t. A.S. and Saturday) and brings a little colour to Novgorod; and strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies (Let alone his friends...)


Recently back, from a two year stint as the fetch of a Mongol shaman named Ogodai Nice bloke... Vitenka neatly sidestepped questions of his loyalty to the Order by refusing to answer any of Marcus' questions.

Following this, Vitenka proved his uselessness by getting everybunny trapped in Rus world Hey! I thought the gate worked... Which brings his 'nearly got everyone killed' rating to four.

He then discovered that Dmitris extended Hiatus, combined with Deunans abscence, and the presence of Julian and Marcus had shiftd the council dynamic a bit.
I had a few problems, miscalculating how to swing things, yes...
You nearly got yourself thrown out by Marcus...
Well, I'm not sure whether to try and destroy the council or not, yet...
Don't worry, he probably doesn't mean it. Probably {nasty glare at Vitenka}

Vitenka has also been put in charge of taming Revan - a task which is certain to have unforseen consequence.

Oh yes, and we are about to become the first covenant in history to discover the effects of leaving a queen of vis underground, in dank conditions for three years.
Vitenka has been hoarding it for his entire time here, and left it in his lab when he went to the steppe.
It seems to be growing...

More recently, the council collarred vitenka - for trying to hurt Arvo - and he seems to have cleaned up his act.
But certain moods still touch him...

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