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Page updated 18th November - Winter 1224

Do you want to see That Damn Quaesitors report on us?

Philippa ex Guernicus, a young Quaesitor, joined Animus Silvae in late 1215, in the wake of the "Bjornaer Incident." Her initial mission was to attempt to determine Artur ex Bjornaer's role in the scheme, but she is now on a long-term assignment (a minimum of 20 years) to monitor the area, due to warnings given to the Quaesitoris by Animus Silvae of a possible threat to the Order from the East. Unspoken but understood is that she is also here to keep an eye on Deunan and Vitenka.

Philippa is about 5'9" tall and fairly slightly built with green eyes and long brown hair, occasionally tied into a ponytail. She is in good condition, with a healthy tan. Her hands are normally covered in dirt and she wears practical, comfortable clothing rather than mage's robes.

She is extremely bright and a very fast learner. She is part of the Traditionalist party in House Guernicus, maintaining the primacy of the Code and of precedent, but is not unwilling to bend the rules to her own advantage. She doesn't seem to have any particular burning passion to do justice and right wrongs, but rather believes in the firm maintenance of rules as 'a good thing,' particularly when she can make the rules and use them to snipe at people she dislikes! She is an extremely keen equestrian, though she tends to rather bully her horses, much as they love her, and has a magical affinity with equines of all kinds. She is eager to find a magical horse or hippogriff to make into her familiar.

She found one, a huge black stallion, which she calls 'Svarobad'
Since she bonded to her new familiar, Svarobad, a couple of years ago, several changes have been noticable in Philippa. She seems to care less about the stable than she used to, and spends much of her time away from the Covenant, often without telling anyone where she's going. She's also been doing an awful lot of writing when she has been at Animus, but hasn't yet handed any over to Gwyntar for the library.

She is a Muto and Animal specialist and knows a fair bit of Intellego, taught to her by her pater, Cimon ex Guernicus, the primary Quaesitor in the Tribunal and a blind sod with an odd sense of humour. Her primary magical weakness is that her Parma draws upon the energies of animals to maintain its strength, and consequently fails completely when there are no animals (insects not included) within 15 yards. She has worked hard to keep this secret and it is known, as far as she is aware, to nobody. She recently finished an Animal summa entitled " Horses and Lesser Beasts ".

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