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Philippa's Report

Page Created 9th March - Winter 1219

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Gwyntar ex Bonisagus - A typical example of how House Bonisagus, respectable institution that it is, can get thoroughly above itself. Appears to have little or no respect for the Quaesitors and spends a disturbing amount of time secreted away in his lab - possible sign of diabolism? Takes certain books from library for himself - see previous. Has apprentice Tenar - see below. Known strengths: Vim (4th magnitude?), Rego (2nd - 3rd magnitude?), expert theoretician but not particularly intelligent. Known weaknesses: physically unformidable, to say the least, little combat magic.

Vitenka ex Miscellenea - Why they let scum like this in the Order I'll never know, nor why Cimon indulges them. Raised at Nepolitis, transformed by magical accident during apprenticeship to fox, seems to have made "deal" to turn back to human >1210 <1215 though with new, younger body. Fay deal seems likely given sensibilities. Sadistic/overdeveloped sense of humour, little regard for Code but unlikely (?) to make physical attack on other magi, or indeed, anyone. Recently disappeared into Europe. Two Vigiles assigned to follow, maintained personal contact apparently becoming fox again at irregular intervals. Travelling w/other fox, possibly mate? Known strengths: Creo (2nd magnitude?), Imaginem (4th magnitude?). Known weaknesses: little combat magic, weak in Corpus, sense of humour, hates being made to work (lazy).

Deunan ex Flambeau - Practical and capable, by the looks of things. However still exercising her Shamanic powers - disappeared for season after 40th birthday. Obtain censure from House if possible. Extremely devoted to son Toren and training him as Apprentice. Father appears to be spirit of some kind? - demonic/Shamanic deception quite possible. Link to son peculiar. Also, seems to be training him without thorough art knowledge - Q. should keep an eye on the child as he is likely to develop magical/mental flaws as a consequence, dangerous in Flambeau given general unstability of house. Known strengths: Ignem (3rd magnitude?), Mentem (5th magnitude), Intellego (3rd magnitude), shamanic powers. Known weaknesses: devotion to son, tendency to overreact to events.

Dimitri ex Tytalus - Lineage suspicious but seems good, Order-supporting, powerful magus. Has several children, one Gifted, and strongly defends them where possible. To his credit, dislikes Deunan and Vitenka. Known strengths: Auram (4th magnitude?), Creo (4th magnitude?), pretty much all capable magic-wise, probably able to train apprentice without problem. Known weaknesses; devotion to children, dependency on magic, inability to interact with mundanes.

Revan ex Criamon - Seems oddly practical/physical for Criamon magus. From Loch Leglean tribunal. Psychotic fit when diabolism mentioned but possibly sparked by Nicolai. Generally silent. Disappears at odd intervals - diabolism? Fay? Were? Bjornaer spy? Known strengths: Muto (3rd magnitude?), Elementalist - particularly Auram. Known weaknesses - indecisive.

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